Red Stars 4:
Lend-lease aircraft in Russia

C-F Geust and G Petrov
Size: A4
Pages: 224
ISBN: 952-5026-23-X
Price: 48,50 EUR + shipping

The fourth volume of the popular Red Stars - book series deals with the so-called Lend-Lease aircraft, delivered from USA and England to USSR during Wold War II. During the Cold war this studying of subject was not favoured in Soviet Union, as the importance of the Lend-Lease assistance from the western allies was diminished because of political reasons. This book by the well-known aviation historians Carl-Fredrik Geust and Gennadiy Petrov gives for the first time ever a balanced and detailled view on all aspects of the history of Lend-lease aircraft in the Soviet Air Forces and is based on extensive archive research.
The book includes more than 500 top quality photographs (of which the main part not published before) with extremely detailled captions, 53 color profiles and a detailled type history section.